「주바린 / じょおび」

Name: Kim JinwooBirthday: September 26, 1991Position: Vocalist

WHAT TO EXPECT: Shy answers 90% of the time. Often getting flustered easily, or getting things wrong.HOW TO TELL HIM APART: Has big deer eyes and likes wearing hoods (particularly his favorite grey hoodie)
Oldest member— no seriously, he is.
He’s cute… as long as he not trying to do aegyo.
He gets lost and embarrassed easily.
The most innocent and clueless.

Name: Lee SeunghoonBirthday: January 11, 1992Position: Rapper, dancer, choreographer

WHAT TO EXPECT: Creative/witty answers but will definitely end up doing silly shenanigans.HOW TO TELL HIM APART: Long neck, insanely tall, wears a lot of beanies/hats, has a baby face.
Self-proclaimed “hip-hop baby lion”.
The king of gags and silliness.
Has a looot of aegyo. Like a lot.
Intelligent, witty and very, very fun!

Name: Song Minho (Minho)Birthday: March 30, 1993Position: Rapper, composer

WHAT TO EXPECT: Swaggy/cool answers… but definitely a complete goofball.HOW TO TELL HIM APART: Hip-hop wardrobe, deep voice, hella eyebrow game, the lovechild of G-Dragon and Taeyang.
Aegyo/derp kings with Lee Seunghoon.
Internally 5 years old.
A constant ball of energy.
Gets scared… pretty easily.

Name: Kang SeungyoonBirthday: January 21, 1994Position: Leader, main vocals, composer

WHAT TO EXPECT: : 4D answers. You can’t really expect anything from him but the unexpected. HOW TO TELL HIM APART: He has fluffy cheeks and thick lips
Very fashionista-like, has his own personal fashion shows.
At times he’s silly, but other times he keeps to himself.
He’s very, very cheeky and very, very confident.
Pretty much married to his guitar.

Name: Nam TaehyunBirthday: May 10, 1994Position: Maknae, main vocals, composer

WHAT TO EXPECT: Tell him the right things and he will be sassy and diva as ever. Otherwise expect a lot of blatantly honest answers from him.HOW TO TELL HIM APART: Parted hair, unique droopy eyebrows, has tattoos and a large mole on his thumb.
Literally has too many talents to count.
Likes to keep to himself but still demands attention
Says he doesn’t have aegyo at all. He totally does.
Pretty distant, but he’s still got a good heart.





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alexander wang s/s 14 in the new issue of gentleman korea
You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.
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My mother told me I did well after watching the show. But she also told me not to swear.
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Bobby (team b) - SMTM3 interview

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